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We are The Bannermen

Los Angeles born and bred, Karo and Varty's love for hockey and the Los Angeles Kings has produced several threats of divorce from their wives. Bless their hearts, the ladies are still around. 

Fans since the Forum blue & gold era, The Bannermen are well versed in historical team topics such as the Kings almost having Ray Bourque, loving then hating Bruce McNall, trading Paul Coffey for Jimmy Carson because reasons, the perennial Norris potential of Aki Berg, Conn Smythe lock Chris Kontos, TWO BANNERS, Slava Voynov ruining everything, being super wrong about Phillip Danault and living through yet another rebuild with promises of better days ahead.

Now, Karo and Varty have a forum to discuss the team they truly love and hopefully stop the midnight hour trade scenario texts that wake their children up. 

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